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Some one reminded me that,Its been 5months since I've blogged.Here I am posting an update.In the past 5months I explored few more places like Niagara Falls,NY and St. Louis,MO.

I enjoyed my Summer Biking on my Mongoose 26" All Terrain Bikes. We used to bike atleast 13miles a day (We as in me and my roomie). I used to take the Olentangy Trail from Start till end.Oh Boy! I really miss that weather :(

Then came Fall which was enjoyable in the early few days where we played Tennis in various parks in Columbus along with couple more Indian Friends(Chandan and Srini). Then onwards we had lots of Potluck Parties in my house and Chandan's. I became a election buff following Obama's Campaign closely everyday.Late October I made good progress on Technology front learning advanced SSIS and SSRS.

November was a different month with mixed reactions. One hand Obama won the Election to become the 44th President of US. On the other hand Felipe Massa lost the 2008 F1 Drivers Championship.There on I was mostly occupied in resharpening my skills and learning SSAS in bits and pieces. I played around with SQL 2008 to update myself about the advanced functionality. In the end of November I shopped like Crazy during Black Friday starting from 5:00AM till 9:00PM on various stuff.
Here I am wrapping up the post. Stay tuned for more...

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Its been a long time since I've blogged. So many things have happened in the past 4-5months. I moved to Columbus,OH to take up a consulting job. The job gave me an oppuurtunity to visit new places and meet diverse people. Visited various cities on work and or pleasure.

The cities are
  • Pittsburgh,PA
  • Youngstown,OH
  • Los Angeles,CA
  • Las Vegas,NV

    That apart there is so much happening in Formula 1, so much to blog. SQL 2008 is what is keeping me busy these days. Hope to take up a certification on it. Will keep you posted
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    Its been a makeover off season for Formula 1. Loser Fernando Alonso moved back to Renault to drive along Nelson Piquet Jr. Later on it was Heiki Kovilainen's turn to move to McLaren to race along the star debutant of 2007, Lewis Hamilton. Two not so experienced drivers now drive for McLaren. No Idea how competant they can be, time has to tell.Rubens Barrichello signed to drive for BAR Honda. Now quite a few people are jobless without a racing drive for 2008.

    This leaves with a little speculation about the open position in Force India and others.India's coveted Formula One Former driver Narain Karthikeyan's job is at stake, with Nico Hulkernberg being signed on as Test Driver for Williams. Lots of swapping is to take place and few replacements too. The run up to the Next season is getting more exciting as it can get. Stay tuned


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    The Link is www.btis.in. Similar site is available for Hyderabad and Chennai as well.

    If you go to an unknown or unvisited place like Chennai and prefer to use rickshaw, they suck money out of you. So better get local info and then commute there by saving $$$

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    India thrashed Pakistan by winning the series thats held in India. For the first time in history, there was no fear what so ever on the player's faces. Hence the great result. Hope the momentum remains and the winning streak :)


    There is some great news for F1 fans in India. F1 is making way to India, but you got to wait for 2 more years. ie 2010. But thats a great move.

    You can read the complete article here

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    BINGO!!!!! What an Amazing race it was last Sunday.Kimi Did it for himself and for Ferrari. Felippe Massa helped Ferrari to throw away the McLaren by ensuring Alonso stayed off. McLaren walked away with nothing,which was attribute by the spy saga which was unveiled by FIA. Great result, great drivers and great team.2008 is goin to be a challenging year with lots of rule changes. I'll blog a post once I know'em all. Stay Tuned

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    My Brother reffered me to a site called ZYB, which provides mobile backup. Backing up of mobile data is done through GPRS connection to the Site. Once backed up you can view all your Events and Contacts even without the phone. And Sync Backwards too, ie if an contact is added from Site, it synchronizes with the phone when connected and adds a contact on to the phone Gone are those days with Lost Contact Numbers :) Hopefully the service remains free for life

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    Thw world is Big Enough. There is enough room for every one. But Not Everyone cane be on top of the Podium. Being on Top of the Podium in an controversial situation is ever more worrying. Its not about Ferrari. Its just about being fair at what you do.

    One can read the Complete report here. Its all about planning 2years in advance. That how Renault proved themselves for the year 05 and 06.With McLaren paying out $100mn, its party time for other teams as they get apart of the fine(50% divided amongst rest of the teams)