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Yesterday I completed Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA) scoring 88%. I went to the Prometric Centre By 12Noon. There were many people takin up their exams yesterday. So the Prometric guy forced me to wait for several hours. In the mean while I went to Garuda Mall where I had my dinner at TakaTak. After coming back from the outing he let me in by 5:00PM. I completed it in 15 Mins Time. To sum it up, I have two Microsoft certifications to be added to my Resume namely MCDBA (70-229) and MCP in .Net(70-315)

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After 20-25 days on bench Our Training cell thought of retraining us on C,C++ and Unix. Today I worked on C Internals and so on covering declarations,conventions optimization of code & so forth. Dont Know when I'll get allocated. But I remain optimistic about New Year, as things might turn around. Will Keep you updated


Today Our Bufoon a.k.a Chief Minister announced the renaming of Gulbarga as Kalburgi, Mysore as Mysuru, Mangalore as Mangaluru, Hubli as Hubballi and Belgaum as Belagavi. This follows the renaming of Bangalore as Bengaluru. I feel there is essentially no need for renaming. The essence of local culture will be spoilt by this kinda thing.

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I attended the Ready Launch Tour 2005 on December 9th.It was great listening to the Richest Man. He spoke about himself and his commitment to the Community. He didnt speak much about the products. He emphasized that India should expand setting up more & more Research Centre's. He had earlier announced that he would be investing around $1.7Bn over the next two to three years time frame. One great thing about his speech was, it was a no non sense talk.He gave a realistic comparision of Microsoft and India being a success story and the on going relationship between the two. It was great listening to people who call the shots around the globe. Boy I admire his frankness.When he was asked when he last coded,he replied 1983 without any hesitation.Also when asked about his favourite Indian food his reply was "UPMA",which we hate to eat. Then onwards there was great presentation on VSTS 2005 and SQL Server 2005 by Gaurav Khanna and others.

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BrainStorming This was supposed to be put on 29th October. But since I was busy doing PAR Project I am putting it up now. Well Our Team Builing Session was held @ ECC.We were all broken into 3 teams. We chose Our Team name to be "ENDEAVOUR". Our team comprised of Me,Sandeep,Satish Suthar and many more. Well we had some brainstorming sessions held by Bryan Varghese (Trainer) and we did some indoor excercise during the morning session. Shells were distributed to each team as per their standing in the respective activity. Then We had an Decent Lunch at ECC's Food Lounge and then came back to play outdoor games like the Crater Game, Tarpaulin Game and so on.
The Games were basically to keep us going and open up. These activities went on upto 6pm and then Prizes were distibuted to the team scoring highest number of shells. Incidentally there was a tie for second place with Endeavour and Rainbow(Team Names). Then Chocolates were distributed and we returned back to Roshini Chambers(Our City Office)


Well Guys This post is all about my day out with Einstein a.k.a Sandesh Karanth FOSS.IN . We Incidentally met at the Exhibition Area. We then had some food(pizza I remember). Then we spoke for hours about each other and then the discussion came down to technical stuff we were working on. We spoke about XML, Webservices and stuff. Einstein spoke about COX,Parkins and other people gave presentations the day before we met. All in all It was a memorable day coz I met Einstein after such a long time(6 months). After all Our Discussion I met Karthikeyan & Niranjan a.k.a Bhadravathi and spoke for atleast 2 hours. I hope we get together more often like the FOSS.In meet

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I was supposed to put up this message about a month and five days ago. I cleared comfortably scoring 943/1000.

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Finally after a long time I got into a internal project handling Scheduling an Interview for our own company. I am feeling good coz i am in good company like(cg,phani etc).

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Now I am a free bird. Coz my brother went to Newark,New Jersey last saturday on assignment from ibm working on ATT project


My training got over today. Now I will be on a small project before taking up MS certification

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I cleared these two certifications yesterday.I cleared this certification on brainbench.com as it was free. It was a great experience clearing it. I did well in many sections except a few like (CTS, Metadata and so on). I am taking up MCP in .NET 70-315 certification by October 24.

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On behalf of festival I am going HOME, I mean Shimoga.


I am back after a long time. After joining Perot, today I found some time 4 my self. Its great to get learnin .Net Stuff. Im bein trained at Roshini Chambers @ JP Nagar.