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Have a blast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Party Hard but play safe.

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Wish you all a Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!

I enjoyed the last festival of the Year to the Maximum by listening to Techno House music.Tell me how you enjoyed yours....


I wish I knew this during my college days

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The 30 sensitive NSE shed 400 odd points for 2 days in row to 3673 and then cooled down a bit to close at 3717 points today.BSE coled just below 13K mark. It was expected as the market was undergoing a bull run there by destabilizing the economy. I see the market stabilize at 3100 points where one can see a support of atleast 50-100 points.

Well what ever happened, happened for good and it comes as a relief for the common man. I hope none of you reading my blog have lost money in the market. If you've lost there is nothing to panic as Feb is the month during which global markets peek out.

Happy Trading...

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Its been a long time since I've blogged.Many Incidents took place that have influenced my life that have made me stronger and responsible at Work as Well as Life. Life has become more hectic since November. Hence couldn't post frequently.
        This post is just to keep my online presence active. Stay Tuned some good new coming your way.

By the way I've got a new theme for my blog. Kpin Tch