0 comments 12/15/2007

Its been a makeover off season for Formula 1. Loser Fernando Alonso moved back to Renault to drive along Nelson Piquet Jr. Later on it was Heiki Kovilainen's turn to move to McLaren to race along the star debutant of 2007, Lewis Hamilton. Two not so experienced drivers now drive for McLaren. No Idea how competant they can be, time has to tell.Rubens Barrichello signed to drive for BAR Honda. Now quite a few people are jobless without a racing drive for 2008.

This leaves with a little speculation about the open position in Force India and others.India's coveted Formula One Former driver Narain Karthikeyan's job is at stake, with Nico Hulkernberg being signed on as Test Driver for Williams. Lots of swapping is to take place and few replacements too. The run up to the Next season is getting more exciting as it can get. Stay tuned


A friend of mine reffered me to this wonderful site. The site is named as Bangalore Transport Information System. The site also gives traffic updates and the nearest commuting route and the appropriate fare, so as to avoid being cheated by Richshaw Driving community.

The Link is www.btis.in. Similar site is available for Hyderabad and Chennai as well.

If you go to an unknown or unvisited place like Chennai and prefer to use rickshaw, they suck money out of you. So better get local info and then commute there by saving $$$