0 comments 9/30/2007

My Brother reffered me to a site called ZYB, which provides mobile backup. Backing up of mobile data is done through GPRS connection to the Site. Once backed up you can view all your Events and Contacts even without the phone. And Sync Backwards too, ie if an contact is added from Site, it synchronizes with the phone when connected and adds a contact on to the phone Gone are those days with Lost Contact Numbers :) Hopefully the service remains free for life

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Thw world is Big Enough. There is enough room for every one. But Not Everyone cane be on top of the Podium. Being on Top of the Podium in an controversial situation is ever more worrying. Its not about Ferrari. Its just about being fair at what you do.

One can read the Complete report here. Its all about planning 2years in advance. That how Renault proved themselves for the year 05 and 06.With McLaren paying out $100mn, its party time for other teams as they get apart of the fine(50% divided amongst rest of the teams)