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Wondering What the title stands for? It means Happy New Year in Marathi.

The New Year day of Maharashtrians, Gudi Padwa is celebrated on the first day of the Hindu month of Chaitra. Gudi Padwa is also known as Ugadi in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Marking the beginning of the spring season, this festival is celebrated with great spirit and joy. This year Gudi Padwa falls on Wednesday,30 March,2006.

In preparation for the festival, homes are cleaned and decorated. Colourful rangoli designs are painted at entrances to brighten up the thresholds. New clothes are worn and the entire family gathers together to savour Maharashtrian delicacies, including puran poli or sweet roti s, soonth pak and usal . Traditionally, bittersweet leaves of the neem tree are eaten on this day. A paste of crushed neem leaves, cumin seeds, jaggery and salt is taken before eating any food in the morning.

On this day, gudi s are hung outside the houses or in the localities. A gudi is a pole on the top of which an upturned brass or silver pot called a kalash is placed. The gudi is covered with a colourful silk cloth and decorated with marigold flowers, coconuts, and mango leaves that symbolize nature's bounty.

The gudi is worshipped by offering sandalwood paste, turmeric and vermilion. Then, boys and young men of the locality form a pyramid and the person on top of the pyramid breaks the coconut which is in the kalash .

Gudi Padwa is considered a very auspicious day. New ventures are begun, house-warming poojas are performed, and people also may choose to buy gold, silver or property on this day.

Wanna know more abt this festival? Click here for the wiki.

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My Bro flew down from US after 6 months. He gifted me a cool new HP DV5030US Laptop. I am so happy to have a bro like him.

Its a swanking fast box featuring a 2Ghz AMD Turion Processor with 1GB RAM, DVD Writer,ATI Radeon and so on, running on Windows XP Media Center 2005.

Wanna check out my new lappy??, Come down to my place.

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Me, Kundan, Sab & Chaitanya
After seven years I payed HOLI ,also known as 'Kamanna'na Habba' in Kannada. We still follow the tradition of burning the mocked up idol of Kumbakaran, and running around in circles. Sadly I was not a part of this celecration as I didnt go home. Nevertheless I started playing again after a long time. We played HOLI at our Office Campus.

Holi was not played at the best in the spirits,but it was fun. Many ppl gave standard reasons saying that they wanted to attend Marriage, Take part in a function and so on & kept loitering in the corridor and nearby places. Many of Our so called colleagues didnt take part.

But many ppl like Bhargav and company(including his PL and Team Members) volutarily joined us.

Kundan,Me,Chaitanya,Arun,Vinay Kumar & Sab

It was a great experience coz It was the first time we celebrated at Our Office campus.

But I felt sad, when one of my friend Shaheen called me up and said their company had organized for a Rain Dance Holi with music played by a professional DJ.

Pictures courtesy Sab

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Apart from the Formula 1 race, I found myself indulged in watching the 5th ODI between Australia and South Africa. The Aussies set up a huge total of 434 in 50 overs overcoming the initial hiccups.

It seemed like SA would lose with a great margin. But it turned the other way round. The South Africans Chased the Aussies, scoring a massive 438 in the last over and won the match by a wicket.

SA clinched the series 3-2. This match entered the record books as it was the largest score set up, larget run chased and the most expensive bowling figures happening in this nailbiting decider.


I came back rushing to watch the F1 Race Live after visiting my sisters place at Kunigal (90Kmsa from Bangalore). My bro drove really fast on the way back coz, no one affords to miss first race of the season.

Luckily for me, the race was about to start when I turned on the television. The race was pretty close. Fernando Alonso mounted a lot of pressure on Felippe Massa. I pity Massa coz despite his effort, he lost a lot of time in the Pits as his rear wheel got jammed.

Later on it was the battle for position between Montoya & Button. What was really surprising is that inspite of starting at the botton of the grid Railkkonen climbed up 10-15 places to reach Position 6 .

Then it was all down to strategy, it was mostly a 2 stop race for most of them except Kimi who started with brim full of fuel.

The interesting aspect of todays race was there were not many retirements(Just 4 of them). Renault Gambled with their pit strategy to bring Alonso ahead of Schumacher.

From there on there was no stopping for Alonso.Micheal Couldnt do anything except trailing behind his car.

Alonso clinched his first title of the season, followed by Schumi and Kimi on the podium. Kimi exhibited an excellent run for McLaren who had a horrible weekend.Apart for these drivers who already are in the limelight, it was good to see the rookie perform extremely well. It was Keke Rosberg's Son Nico Rosberg clinching 2 points for Williams Cosworth behind his team mate Mark Webber.Schumi's team mate Massa finished 9th

You can find the final results here.

Im looking forward for the Malaysian Grand Prix which will be held at Sepang next week. The good news is Ferrari is back with a bang.

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It was a great saturday for me, as Formula 1 Season began after 4 months. The First race being held at Sakhir, Bahrain. Its a hot and dusty track. Its gonna be a great season with new Regulations in place. Whats more interesting is the addition of 1 more team(Super Aguri) making it 11 altogether.

Its a long season to go, 8 months. You can find the Race Calender Here.

I followed the Saturday Practice Session by tuning into Live Timing on Formula1.com.
Micheal Schumacher In Action During Qualifying.
Sadly I coudnt Watch the Crucial Qualifying session as I went out to get my Bike,Back from the Service Station. Nevertheless I was updated about the result from my friend Naren Prathap and Sab . The outcome was encouraging with Ferrari clinching P1(MS) & P2(FM). Its a great sigh of relief seeing them back on Podium.

I just cant resist the excitement. I hope they clinch a 1 & 2 Positions Tomorrow. Im geared up for it.I'll be watching tommorow's race at Naren's Place with other Formula1 folks.