1 comments 2/11/2006

After a Long wait I got into a banking Project called Cendant Mortgage-PHHorce Main on Wednesday the 8th of Feb. Now onwards I will have to travel to WhiteField Office namely Shivalaya EveryDay.

Im greatful to Sab who helped me get into the project.

All my Stock Trading and Movie carnival Days are gone :-S.


Its been a long time since I've updated my blog.Two weeks ago the Movie Carnival began in my house with me being the only spectator :-) . I collected a lot of good english movies on DVD from one of my friend who work for HP called Prashant Mysore Jagganath.A big thank you to Him #:-S. The movies I watched are as follows:-

  1. The Untouchables
  2. The Shining
  3. The Chronilces Of Narnia
  4. The Enemy @ the gates
  5. King Kong (Remake)
  6. Annapolis
  7. The Cave
  8. Hanuman (English version)
  9. The Fog
  10. War Of Worlds
  11. Memento
  12. Shawshank Redemption
  13. 6Th Sense
  14. Gothika
  15. Ong Bak
  16. Anti Trust

Except movies 15 and 16 all the rest were seen in the first week.

Whoo It was a great Experience to watch all these movies back 2 back.

1 comments 2/01/2006

Yesterday myself and Abhishek attended a kannada play named "Satu Tavarmane-Patu Tavarmane" at RangaShankara . It was directed awesomely. I felt really good viewing the play coz I was SicK'n'tired of work and needed a break badly. The audience was too encouraging. There's a lot to learn from that place.

The ambience was too good. Most importantly i noticed that other than introduction to the play no audio equiment were used, which makes it hard for the cast to Act'n'Skp loudly.The place was quite cozy and the theatre was more than half filled.We went to Ranga Shankara thinking that "Bali" a play directed by Girish Karnad would be played. But later we found out that it was changed in the last minute. The play went on well. It took me some time catching the kannada words correctly. The Last time I attended a Stage Play was at Neenasam @ Heggodu,Sagar near Shimoga.

The play started at 7:45PM and lasted for 75minutes ending at around 9:30PM including a 15min break.At the end of the play I could recognize two ppl one the director(Shastri's Wife) and other the postman(Nanjunda) of the play who happen to act in a popular Kannada Serial namely "Mukta",which i was forced to watch whenever i visit my parents place @ Shimoga.

I plan to visit a bigger stage play at Ravindra kala Kshetra Sometime this month.If you want to read more abt Rangashankara here's an review.