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Have a blast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Party Hard but play safe.

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Wish you all a Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!

I enjoyed the last festival of the Year to the Maximum by listening to Techno House music.Tell me how you enjoyed yours....


I wish I knew this during my college days

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The 30 sensitive NSE shed 400 odd points for 2 days in row to 3673 and then cooled down a bit to close at 3717 points today.BSE coled just below 13K mark. It was expected as the market was undergoing a bull run there by destabilizing the economy. I see the market stabilize at 3100 points where one can see a support of atleast 50-100 points.

Well what ever happened, happened for good and it comes as a relief for the common man. I hope none of you reading my blog have lost money in the market. If you've lost there is nothing to panic as Feb is the month during which global markets peek out.

Happy Trading...

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Its been a long time since I've blogged.Many Incidents took place that have influenced my life that have made me stronger and responsible at Work as Well as Life. Life has become more hectic since November. Hence couldn't post frequently.
        This post is just to keep my online presence active. Stay Tuned some good new coming your way.

By the way I've got a new theme for my blog. Kpin Tch

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It offers a lot of Stations ranging from 70's to the most recent ones.Its one of the few good stations which offer Quality Music all round the clock. Bored of listening to conventional radio?? Click below
I spent most of my time during on saturday listening to it as RadioIndigo.fm was playing crappy music during the day. I tried many stations, but the most satisfying one was Progressive House.

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I attended the Chris Capossela Live!! which happened on my birthday on 10th Oktober.

I was accompanied by Prateek Hejmady a juniour of mine.

The event showcased various Features of Office 2007 and Exchange 2007.

Office12 Preview by Pat was good, which was by a Session from Ranjana. Ranjana's Session was pretty ordinary (:.

It was nothing new to me as I have been using Office 12 (Now Ofice 2007) ever since Beta1. I now have Beta2 TR installed on my laptop.

TR is a lot stable than Beta2. Features are reliable. But no one knows how many features provided by them will be used in real Life.UI is reloaded & is very Intuitive.

Exchange 12 Session handled by Ravi Shankar was good when compared to Ranjana's. He demonstrated E12 capabilities and the new enchanced WebAccess and its capabilities.

It was a great show off from Microsoft Team. But the Release will be much more Electrifying than this one as more features will be bundled.

I felt the Office 2000 to Office 2007 would be a worthy one. When Integrated with Groove and SharePoint Portal Server Office it makes more business sense.

One thing which I forgot to mention was the introduction of Excel and Word Web Access which is buildt on top of Office 2007 Server which reduces piracy and eliminates the pain of Installing it on machine's.

If you wanna try Office 2007 Beta 2 Technical Refresh1 here is the link.


I recently happened to visit a site which determines Uplink and Downlink Rates. Its a real time test and is fool proof.

I use a Sify 256kbps(kilobits) Broadband at home,the speed was around the same as expected

I was not aware of the Bandwidth available at Office as its not disclosed. It showed up a staggering 9.8MBps(Bytes).

You can check you bandwidth @ speedtest.net

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Hi, This post is for all the music enthusiasts who love to listen Trance/Progressive/Dance Music. I came accross toolbar through a newsletter from DJ River. One might ask what more can you get than a Google Toolbar?? This ones totally different you can listen to Music while Surfing without opening another window/application. Fidelity is superb, also you get a reminder when you recieve a mail on any one of these mail services
  • Hotmail
  • Yahoo
  • Gmail

Moreover Any third party POP Servers can be configured. Once you click on the appropriate Mail thats configured, it takes us the WebMail access which doesnt required you to enter you password again.

Likewise additional stations can be added. It comes with a built in popup blocker and has a placeholder for Weather Updates.

I was really excited when I came accross this one and felt worth sharing this info.It can be applied on both the popular Browsers(IE & Firefox)

You Can find the tool bar here:


Check it out and let me know if anyone is facing issues with this.:)

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Schumi proved to be stronger over the weekend than anyone. It was great watching him win his 89th F1 Grand Prix. What meant more than anything is Ferrari is inching closer. 10 points seperate them from the Lead. Thanks to Raikkonen whose victory meant less points for Alonso. My heart goes down to Mark Webber,who retired because of no fault of his(Mechanical Failure). Looks like Massa and Schumacher have answered rave critics. Anyways its all in the Race(Game). Flavio Briatore is one person who will have to spend several sleepless nights till thier team recovers. Hungaroring is just a week away. I hope Schumi does it again. Massa is not any far. Massa is geared up and has already notched 3rd Position in Overall Standings, as of now. Come October we can see Ferrari 1-3 in drivers championship.

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Just watched Micheal Schumacher winning US Grand Prix at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.This win helped him close down his gap on his rival Alonso. You can visit the Official Gallery and Results on Formula1.com.


These days lotsa sporting events are going on. To name Cricket,Soccer, Tennis etc. I've been following Football (World Cup 2006) 2nd round onwards. My favourites being Portugal and France. I felt elated when England,Argentina and Brazil were Eliminated. I feel Italy / Portugal being prospective winners this time around.

Indian Cricket has turned out to be a total mess, which was exhibited by poor performance by India as well and W.Indies.

I'm finding difficult to follow up with Tennis, but I keep my self updated by frequently visiting wimbledon site.

Will write more about the happenings in this space.

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Off late I have been evaluating every thing thats being released by Microsoft. Last Friday I downloaded IE7 SP3. My suggestion is never upgrade to IE7, better stick to IE6 as its more Stable, Reliable and predictable. IE7 SP3 never didnt live up to any of my expectation. Apart from this I've been Evaluating Office 2007 Beta2 for quite some time. I'm amazed by the work that's been put in to make this stunning s/w.

Just in case you are not able to download and evaluate Office 2007 Microsoft has provided an alternate path for users to test. This shows that MS's commitment to produce better software than making just another release. You can try hands on by clicking Here.

Apart from the Beta's I also tried LINQ May CTP on Saturday. Its pretty good making developers life easy. When .NET 3.0 will be out developers will experience a new way of coding. Who knows somewhere down the lane Microsoft's software will do all the coding for us,where we can concentrate more on "Business Logic".
Stay tuned more to come.

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After a long long time got to Read books on .Net and C++ with .Net being my personal favourite. .Net is growing by leaps and bounds and SQL Server 2005 is playing Catch up mode with Oracle. In this fast changing scenario its really difficult to cope to the Change with .Net 3.0 coming out in a while. All I do is stick to the basics and Hang on to the existing Version of .Net 2.0 and explore more abt it. I also got time to read Robin Sharma's new Compilation "The Greatness Guide", the book which I picked up in a book exhibition held in our office. The sudden drift from Freak Mode to Study mode has been painful, but I felt its more rewarding. So just waiting for something good to happen.

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Last Week end I took a break from work on friday and went to Sagar with my parents. We went to a remote unknown place called Nada Kalasi. I could not believe a temple could have existed in such a remote place for so long. It was a temply of Hoysala Dynasty. The coolest part is there was no one at the temple. We had to go back to a nearby village to bring the priest(guide). The priest explained the architechture of the temple along with the facts he came to know from his ancestors.I havent uploaded the Kalasi pics. I will do that shortly.
After the Kalasi visit we went to Jog (Waterfall) after facing a lot of resistance becuase of Rain. But I had a time of my life with my family. If I remember the last time we went out together on a long ride was way back in 1997. Have taken a few snaps which can be found on salgar.multiply.com. Took awesome pictures with my parents and my cousin. The coolest part was we went to the origination point of one waterfall. That apart we got to soak up the beauty of nature from the closest possible. It was a fabulous exprerience. Dont Know When I'll get a chance to go out on such a ride this year.
More pics will be updated on my flickr site in a while.More Info abt jog is available in this Wiki also visiting places near Shimoga can be found here Shimoga

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Its been a long time since i have posted. I have to update abt my last week's trip to Mysore and Dharmasthal along with my 3 week old post abt out new Car. Will update all of them after this weekend coz Im likely going to Shimoga (my hometown).

Also pending is a post abt ORM. Will post em all soon. Till then keep waiting....:)

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Ever since I upgraded my Broadband Collection to Unlimited Day/Night I have been downloading what ever I can find on the internet. My Downloads vary from MSDN Videos to Softwares to Hollywood stuff and so on...

Amongst the MSDN Videos the one which caught my attention was related to ORM. ORM a not so new, but recently featured technology is a way to model Enterprise Databases. I tried some of them on my Lappy and it worked. It makes the Architect's/Designers life easy, at the same time giving rich functionality to the Programmer. If u wanna know more log on to this site www.orm.net . I'll write a detailed blog about ORMin a week or so.

In the softwares category I keep downloading all the betas from Microsoft. The recent one includes IE 7 SP2 and Office 12 Beta2. Apart from all the microsoft stuff, I also had a peek into the latest release of Java (Java 6). I never use any of Sun Products Except Open Office( for comparision) but my brother use most of the Java Stuff available in the market.

These days the movie has bit me again. All i do is read a movie review from Hollywood or Rotten Tomatoes (A Site Reffered By Prashanth J) and download the appropriate xvid. The movies I watched recently (in past 7 days) are as follows:

      1. R.V.
      2. Mission Impossible 3.
      3. United 93

Last weeks downloads inlcude Silent Hill (Thriller Movie), V for Vendata, Inside Man, Basic Instinct 2 and Sahara.

Never heard of these movies?? U wouldnt have heard of it coz it takes 3-4 months to come to a theatre in Bangalore. Recently I read abt a review of a movie called Pink Panther( Now Playing at PVR) which I saw way back in January.

Myself being a Formula 1 fanatic I have with me all the Races in Xvid Format. Wanna Borrow ?? Call me up.

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A new FM Channel named Radio Mirchi was launched 3days ago ie On Tuesday. I've been tuning into RM 93.3MHz evensince its launch. I think Bangalore needed a break badly from RadioCity and RM came to rescue. They play plenty of English music apart from the sick Bollywood Music. Give it a try, I think you'll definitely like it.

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Im having a long weekend after our Office announced holiday on behalf of the Demise of The local veteran hero Dr.Rajkumar popularly known as "Annavru". Its also caused a kinda trouble to me as I will have to starve as all Hotel/FastFood/Cafe's are closed for Safety Reasons. I had to travel around Bangalore to reach home safely as I live in a place within the vicinity of Dr.Rajkumar Road. To fill fuel I had ride my bike around Bangalore from my brothers office on Airport Road enroute Marathalli-KR Puram-Hebbal(where i filled up my fuel tank)-Yesvantpur-WOC Rd.

Generally Kannadiga's are softhearted as I've been seen them since past 22yrs, turned violent as they didnt get a glimpse of Annavru's Body. Many places I observed Tryes being burnt blocking the road, Stones being pelted wherever Large Glass structures are found. I feel people are upset about the demisal, but One must admit we are all mortal's, and he died of an Cardiac Arrest which is a normal phenomenon unlike Kidnap/Murder.

Instead they should have expressed their greif by mourning at communities/joints popularly called 'Kannada Sangha's'. Burning tryes/vehicles,pelting stones, disrupting traffic and misbehaving only makes the situation worser. Whats more shocking is I couldnt see even one single cop even in major junctions. They are shameless ones who went home scot free in most of the places.

Well the other half of the Story is I get to got back to office only on Monday :) . I am planning to go out of Bangalore for a change.

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This must be considered as one of the best utility video's that one can find. I found it on Donald's Blog. Thought it might be useful to many of em. It teaches one to fold T Shirts without any hassles.I tried & it works!!!

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Wondering What the title stands for? It means Happy New Year in Marathi.

The New Year day of Maharashtrians, Gudi Padwa is celebrated on the first day of the Hindu month of Chaitra. Gudi Padwa is also known as Ugadi in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Marking the beginning of the spring season, this festival is celebrated with great spirit and joy. This year Gudi Padwa falls on Wednesday,30 March,2006.

In preparation for the festival, homes are cleaned and decorated. Colourful rangoli designs are painted at entrances to brighten up the thresholds. New clothes are worn and the entire family gathers together to savour Maharashtrian delicacies, including puran poli or sweet roti s, soonth pak and usal . Traditionally, bittersweet leaves of the neem tree are eaten on this day. A paste of crushed neem leaves, cumin seeds, jaggery and salt is taken before eating any food in the morning.

On this day, gudi s are hung outside the houses or in the localities. A gudi is a pole on the top of which an upturned brass or silver pot called a kalash is placed. The gudi is covered with a colourful silk cloth and decorated with marigold flowers, coconuts, and mango leaves that symbolize nature's bounty.

The gudi is worshipped by offering sandalwood paste, turmeric and vermilion. Then, boys and young men of the locality form a pyramid and the person on top of the pyramid breaks the coconut which is in the kalash .

Gudi Padwa is considered a very auspicious day. New ventures are begun, house-warming poojas are performed, and people also may choose to buy gold, silver or property on this day.

Wanna know more abt this festival? Click here for the wiki.

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My Bro flew down from US after 6 months. He gifted me a cool new HP DV5030US Laptop. I am so happy to have a bro like him.

Its a swanking fast box featuring a 2Ghz AMD Turion Processor with 1GB RAM, DVD Writer,ATI Radeon and so on, running on Windows XP Media Center 2005.

Wanna check out my new lappy??, Come down to my place.

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Me, Kundan, Sab & Chaitanya
After seven years I payed HOLI ,also known as 'Kamanna'na Habba' in Kannada. We still follow the tradition of burning the mocked up idol of Kumbakaran, and running around in circles. Sadly I was not a part of this celecration as I didnt go home. Nevertheless I started playing again after a long time. We played HOLI at our Office Campus.

Holi was not played at the best in the spirits,but it was fun. Many ppl gave standard reasons saying that they wanted to attend Marriage, Take part in a function and so on & kept loitering in the corridor and nearby places. Many of Our so called colleagues didnt take part.

But many ppl like Bhargav and company(including his PL and Team Members) volutarily joined us.

Kundan,Me,Chaitanya,Arun,Vinay Kumar & Sab

It was a great experience coz It was the first time we celebrated at Our Office campus.

But I felt sad, when one of my friend Shaheen called me up and said their company had organized for a Rain Dance Holi with music played by a professional DJ.

Pictures courtesy Sab

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Apart from the Formula 1 race, I found myself indulged in watching the 5th ODI between Australia and South Africa. The Aussies set up a huge total of 434 in 50 overs overcoming the initial hiccups.

It seemed like SA would lose with a great margin. But it turned the other way round. The South Africans Chased the Aussies, scoring a massive 438 in the last over and won the match by a wicket.

SA clinched the series 3-2. This match entered the record books as it was the largest score set up, larget run chased and the most expensive bowling figures happening in this nailbiting decider.


I came back rushing to watch the F1 Race Live after visiting my sisters place at Kunigal (90Kmsa from Bangalore). My bro drove really fast on the way back coz, no one affords to miss first race of the season.

Luckily for me, the race was about to start when I turned on the television. The race was pretty close. Fernando Alonso mounted a lot of pressure on Felippe Massa. I pity Massa coz despite his effort, he lost a lot of time in the Pits as his rear wheel got jammed.

Later on it was the battle for position between Montoya & Button. What was really surprising is that inspite of starting at the botton of the grid Railkkonen climbed up 10-15 places to reach Position 6 .

Then it was all down to strategy, it was mostly a 2 stop race for most of them except Kimi who started with brim full of fuel.

The interesting aspect of todays race was there were not many retirements(Just 4 of them). Renault Gambled with their pit strategy to bring Alonso ahead of Schumacher.

From there on there was no stopping for Alonso.Micheal Couldnt do anything except trailing behind his car.

Alonso clinched his first title of the season, followed by Schumi and Kimi on the podium. Kimi exhibited an excellent run for McLaren who had a horrible weekend.Apart for these drivers who already are in the limelight, it was good to see the rookie perform extremely well. It was Keke Rosberg's Son Nico Rosberg clinching 2 points for Williams Cosworth behind his team mate Mark Webber.Schumi's team mate Massa finished 9th

You can find the final results here.

Im looking forward for the Malaysian Grand Prix which will be held at Sepang next week. The good news is Ferrari is back with a bang.

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It was a great saturday for me, as Formula 1 Season began after 4 months. The First race being held at Sakhir, Bahrain. Its a hot and dusty track. Its gonna be a great season with new Regulations in place. Whats more interesting is the addition of 1 more team(Super Aguri) making it 11 altogether.

Its a long season to go, 8 months. You can find the Race Calender Here.

I followed the Saturday Practice Session by tuning into Live Timing on Formula1.com.
Micheal Schumacher In Action During Qualifying.
Sadly I coudnt Watch the Crucial Qualifying session as I went out to get my Bike,Back from the Service Station. Nevertheless I was updated about the result from my friend Naren Prathap and Sab . The outcome was encouraging with Ferrari clinching P1(MS) & P2(FM). Its a great sigh of relief seeing them back on Podium.

I just cant resist the excitement. I hope they clinch a 1 & 2 Positions Tomorrow. Im geared up for it.I'll be watching tommorow's race at Naren's Place with other Formula1 folks.

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After a Long wait I got into a banking Project called Cendant Mortgage-PHHorce Main on Wednesday the 8th of Feb. Now onwards I will have to travel to WhiteField Office namely Shivalaya EveryDay.

Im greatful to Sab who helped me get into the project.

All my Stock Trading and Movie carnival Days are gone :-S.


Its been a long time since I've updated my blog.Two weeks ago the Movie Carnival began in my house with me being the only spectator :-) . I collected a lot of good english movies on DVD from one of my friend who work for HP called Prashant Mysore Jagganath.A big thank you to Him #:-S. The movies I watched are as follows:-

  1. The Untouchables
  2. The Shining
  3. The Chronilces Of Narnia
  4. The Enemy @ the gates
  5. King Kong (Remake)
  6. Annapolis
  7. The Cave
  8. Hanuman (English version)
  9. The Fog
  10. War Of Worlds
  11. Memento
  12. Shawshank Redemption
  13. 6Th Sense
  14. Gothika
  15. Ong Bak
  16. Anti Trust

Except movies 15 and 16 all the rest were seen in the first week.

Whoo It was a great Experience to watch all these movies back 2 back.

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Yesterday myself and Abhishek attended a kannada play named "Satu Tavarmane-Patu Tavarmane" at RangaShankara . It was directed awesomely. I felt really good viewing the play coz I was SicK'n'tired of work and needed a break badly. The audience was too encouraging. There's a lot to learn from that place.

The ambience was too good. Most importantly i noticed that other than introduction to the play no audio equiment were used, which makes it hard for the cast to Act'n'Skp loudly.The place was quite cozy and the theatre was more than half filled.We went to Ranga Shankara thinking that "Bali" a play directed by Girish Karnad would be played. But later we found out that it was changed in the last minute. The play went on well. It took me some time catching the kannada words correctly. The Last time I attended a Stage Play was at Neenasam @ Heggodu,Sagar near Shimoga.

The play started at 7:45PM and lasted for 75minutes ending at around 9:30PM including a 15min break.At the end of the play I could recognize two ppl one the director(Shastri's Wife) and other the postman(Nanjunda) of the play who happen to act in a popular Kannada Serial namely "Mukta",which i was forced to watch whenever i visit my parents place @ Shimoga.

I plan to visit a bigger stage play at Ravindra kala Kshetra Sometime this month.If you want to read more abt Rangashankara here's an review.

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This was the most eventful weekend I ever spent in my life. There were quality sessions from Praveen Srivatsava, Srinivas Sampath & Vinod Kumar.
The sessions started on time at around 9:35AM. Praveen Took the first session featuring the new capabilities of SQL Server 2005. He demonstrated SSIS,SSAS and SSRS. His sessions we a lot complete when compare to the previous sessions. All the demo's Ran perfectly. The coolest part is he did everything live. It was really fabulous. The came the geek Srini Sampath. He spoke about the programmability aspects. He covered HTTP End points, TSQL Enhancements. The session went on with great questions bouncing him from all over the station. There was a noticable flow in his session which was lacking yesterday.
To be frank I was not prepared to take such an amount of Information. It was a kinda Overflow for me. After lunch came Vinod who talked about the high availability and scalability features. He demo'ed Piecemeal Restore,Database Mirroring and Many new features. His session lasted for almost 2 hours. Then Srini came back and discussed about Security features. The Certificate Tool shipped with SQL Server 2005 was talked abou in detail. Last But Not the Least Vinod bounced back with SQLCMD and the new IDE features of Management Studio.
It was a kind of celebration for me at the Community Launch of BDotNet.
More Importantly the closing ceremony of the event marked the Launch Of the Book written by the geeks themselves. So I have got my copy of UG Launch Book. Go grab yourself from BDotNet or SQLBANG

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I today attended the BDotNet User group community launch of VS 2005 & SQL 2005 which is a two day event held at NMKRV College, Jayanagar, Bangalore. Today was dedicated to Visual Studio Team Suite. After the initial hitches the event started at 10:05AM. Then on It was a total blast.

The event started off with Manoj & Saravana giving an Intro to VSTS. Then there was a session conducted by Pooran Prasad On Team Architect. After that we had a cool session taken over by Manoj again. manoj Demonstrated the Developer Productivity enhancements of VS 2005. We then broke for lunch. Staying awake Post lunch session was a daunting task. Chaitra gave a session on Smart Client Apps. Later came the Rockstar Kalpesh who kept the crowd going by showing off a few enhancements and new concepts of ASP.Net 2.0. Then It was Saravana Who did less of talking and more of Demo's. People bounced at him a lot of questions which were answered swiftly with out a moments hesitation. The Q & A Session went on till 7pm.

Tomorrow I will attend Brain storming sessions on SQL 2005 which will be conducted by Srini Sampath,Vinod Kumar and Praveen Srivatsa. Shall add the pictures shortly..

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Our training finshed yesterday. It went on well but most of us had lost hope in training. I mean I/We were not optimistic during the training coz we were aware of after effects. Ne way because of the completed training I can Add C++ and Unix to my Resume. Dont know when I'll come out of tbis dilemma. I need to come out of CDC where Learning Never Ends and Productivity never begins