This was the most eventful weekend I ever spent in my life. There were quality sessions from Praveen Srivatsava, Srinivas Sampath & Vinod Kumar.
The sessions started on time at around 9:35AM. Praveen Took the first session featuring the new capabilities of SQL Server 2005. He demonstrated SSIS,SSAS and SSRS. His sessions we a lot complete when compare to the previous sessions. All the demo's Ran perfectly. The coolest part is he did everything live. It was really fabulous. The came the geek Srini Sampath. He spoke about the programmability aspects. He covered HTTP End points, TSQL Enhancements. The session went on with great questions bouncing him from all over the station. There was a noticable flow in his session which was lacking yesterday.
To be frank I was not prepared to take such an amount of Information. It was a kinda Overflow for me. After lunch came Vinod who talked about the high availability and scalability features. He demo'ed Piecemeal Restore,Database Mirroring and Many new features. His session lasted for almost 2 hours. Then Srini came back and discussed about Security features. The Certificate Tool shipped with SQL Server 2005 was talked abou in detail. Last But Not the Least Vinod bounced back with SQLCMD and the new IDE features of Management Studio.
It was a kind of celebration for me at the Community Launch of BDotNet.
More Importantly the closing ceremony of the event marked the Launch Of the Book written by the geeks themselves. So I have got my copy of UG Launch Book. Go grab yourself from BDotNet or SQLBANG


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