Me, Kundan, Sab & Chaitanya
After seven years I payed HOLI ,also known as 'Kamanna'na Habba' in Kannada. We still follow the tradition of burning the mocked up idol of Kumbakaran, and running around in circles. Sadly I was not a part of this celecration as I didnt go home. Nevertheless I started playing again after a long time. We played HOLI at our Office Campus.

Holi was not played at the best in the spirits,but it was fun. Many ppl gave standard reasons saying that they wanted to attend Marriage, Take part in a function and so on & kept loitering in the corridor and nearby places. Many of Our so called colleagues didnt take part.

But many ppl like Bhargav and company(including his PL and Team Members) volutarily joined us.

Kundan,Me,Chaitanya,Arun,Vinay Kumar & Sab

It was a great experience coz It was the first time we celebrated at Our Office campus.

But I felt sad, when one of my friend Shaheen called me up and said their company had organized for a Rain Dance Holi with music played by a professional DJ.

Pictures courtesy Sab


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Check out my blog for my views on holi! I wrote it before seeing yo blog! dont mistake!

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