Im having a long weekend after our Office announced holiday on behalf of the Demise of The local veteran hero Dr.Rajkumar popularly known as "Annavru". Its also caused a kinda trouble to me as I will have to starve as all Hotel/FastFood/Cafe's are closed for Safety Reasons. I had to travel around Bangalore to reach home safely as I live in a place within the vicinity of Dr.Rajkumar Road. To fill fuel I had ride my bike around Bangalore from my brothers office on Airport Road enroute Marathalli-KR Puram-Hebbal(where i filled up my fuel tank)-Yesvantpur-WOC Rd.

Generally Kannadiga's are softhearted as I've been seen them since past 22yrs, turned violent as they didnt get a glimpse of Annavru's Body. Many places I observed Tryes being burnt blocking the road, Stones being pelted wherever Large Glass structures are found. I feel people are upset about the demisal, but One must admit we are all mortal's, and he died of an Cardiac Arrest which is a normal phenomenon unlike Kidnap/Murder.

Instead they should have expressed their greif by mourning at communities/joints popularly called 'Kannada Sangha's'. Burning tryes/vehicles,pelting stones, disrupting traffic and misbehaving only makes the situation worser. Whats more shocking is I couldnt see even one single cop even in major junctions. They are shameless ones who went home scot free in most of the places.

Well the other half of the Story is I get to got back to office only on Monday :) . I am planning to go out of Bangalore for a change.


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