Ever since I upgraded my Broadband Collection to Unlimited Day/Night I have been downloading what ever I can find on the internet. My Downloads vary from MSDN Videos to Softwares to Hollywood stuff and so on...

Amongst the MSDN Videos the one which caught my attention was related to ORM. ORM a not so new, but recently featured technology is a way to model Enterprise Databases. I tried some of them on my Lappy and it worked. It makes the Architect's/Designers life easy, at the same time giving rich functionality to the Programmer. If u wanna know more log on to this site www.orm.net . I'll write a detailed blog about ORMin a week or so.

In the softwares category I keep downloading all the betas from Microsoft. The recent one includes IE 7 SP2 and Office 12 Beta2. Apart from all the microsoft stuff, I also had a peek into the latest release of Java (Java 6). I never use any of Sun Products Except Open Office( for comparision) but my brother use most of the Java Stuff available in the market.

These days the movie has bit me again. All i do is read a movie review from Hollywood or Rotten Tomatoes (A Site Reffered By Prashanth J) and download the appropriate xvid. The movies I watched recently (in past 7 days) are as follows:

      1. R.V.
      2. Mission Impossible 3.
      3. United 93

Last weeks downloads inlcude Silent Hill (Thriller Movie), V for Vendata, Inside Man, Basic Instinct 2 and Sahara.

Never heard of these movies?? U wouldnt have heard of it coz it takes 3-4 months to come to a theatre in Bangalore. Recently I read abt a review of a movie called Pink Panther( Now Playing at PVR) which I saw way back in January.

Myself being a Formula 1 fanatic I have with me all the Races in Xvid Format. Wanna Borrow ?? Call me up.


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cool dude! thanks for the links!

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