Last Week end I took a break from work on friday and went to Sagar with my parents. We went to a remote unknown place called Nada Kalasi. I could not believe a temple could have existed in such a remote place for so long. It was a temply of Hoysala Dynasty. The coolest part is there was no one at the temple. We had to go back to a nearby village to bring the priest(guide). The priest explained the architechture of the temple along with the facts he came to know from his ancestors.I havent uploaded the Kalasi pics. I will do that shortly.
After the Kalasi visit we went to Jog (Waterfall) after facing a lot of resistance becuase of Rain. But I had a time of my life with my family. If I remember the last time we went out together on a long ride was way back in 1997. Have taken a few snaps which can be found on salgar.multiply.com. Took awesome pictures with my parents and my cousin. The coolest part was we went to the origination point of one waterfall. That apart we got to soak up the beauty of nature from the closest possible. It was a fabulous exprerience. Dont Know When I'll get a chance to go out on such a ride this year.
More pics will be updated on my flickr site in a while.More Info abt jog is available in this Wiki also visiting places near Shimoga can be found here Shimoga


nanuseena said...

cool snaps dude... i get to see your brother mom and dad together... great!!!

we have to go out on weekends otherwise we will become mad!!

Sandesh said...

Chindi maja hodididdiya bidla!

Chandru said...

Dude .. any new about the pending posts ;-)

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