Off late I have been evaluating every thing thats being released by Microsoft. Last Friday I downloaded IE7 SP3. My suggestion is never upgrade to IE7, better stick to IE6 as its more Stable, Reliable and predictable. IE7 SP3 never didnt live up to any of my expectation. Apart from this I've been Evaluating Office 2007 Beta2 for quite some time. I'm amazed by the work that's been put in to make this stunning s/w.

Just in case you are not able to download and evaluate Office 2007 Microsoft has provided an alternate path for users to test. This shows that MS's commitment to produce better software than making just another release. You can try hands on by clicking Here.

Apart from the Beta's I also tried LINQ May CTP on Saturday. Its pretty good making developers life easy. When .NET 3.0 will be out developers will experience a new way of coding. Who knows somewhere down the lane Microsoft's software will do all the coding for us,where we can concentrate more on "Business Logic".
Stay tuned more to come.


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