I ran out of my space in Gmail. So I've moved to my first id (Hotmail). More over they are offering 5GB where as Gmail is still stagnant around 2800-2900MB.


Sandesh said...

Even i noticed hotmail 5gb! But dont you think its way too late for that move?? Gmail has almost conquered!

Nitya said...

I cant phase out GMail right away

But Over a period of Time my mailbox will be retired.

In particular I like the AJAX version of Live Mail More Appealing and Intuitive than GMail

Sandesh said...

Whaddaya say for the increase of space in GMail?? Its almost 5GB!! They're not behind!

Nitya said...

Im puzzled.

In this race, consumers are the WINNER's

Isnt it??

Sandesh said...

yeah! Meantime there are providers like Yahoo who say that they do not have any limit to their mail box size! Thats even cool!

Nitya said...

I wish I had unlimited storage, as my GMail mailbox is 95% filled :(

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