I attended the Ready Launch Tour 2005 on December 9th.It was great listening to the Richest Man. He spoke about himself and his commitment to the Community. He didnt speak much about the products. He emphasized that India should expand setting up more & more Research Centre's. He had earlier announced that he would be investing around $1.7Bn over the next two to three years time frame. One great thing about his speech was, it was a no non sense talk.He gave a realistic comparision of Microsoft and India being a success story and the on going relationship between the two. It was great listening to people who call the shots around the globe. Boy I admire his frankness.When he was asked when he last coded,he replied 1983 without any hesitation.Also when asked about his favourite Indian food his reply was "UPMA",which we hate to eat. Then onwards there was great presentation on VSTS 2005 and SQL Server 2005 by Gaurav Khanna and others.


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