BrainStorming This was supposed to be put on 29th October. But since I was busy doing PAR Project I am putting it up now. Well Our Team Builing Session was held @ ECC.We were all broken into 3 teams. We chose Our Team name to be "ENDEAVOUR". Our team comprised of Me,Sandeep,Satish Suthar and many more. Well we had some brainstorming sessions held by Bryan Varghese (Trainer) and we did some indoor excercise during the morning session. Shells were distributed to each team as per their standing in the respective activity. Then We had an Decent Lunch at ECC's Food Lounge and then came back to play outdoor games like the Crater Game, Tarpaulin Game and so on.
The Games were basically to keep us going and open up. These activities went on upto 6pm and then Prizes were distibuted to the team scoring highest number of shells. Incidentally there was a tie for second place with Endeavour and Rainbow(Team Names). Then Chocolates were distributed and we returned back to Roshini Chambers(Our City Office)


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