Schumi proved to be stronger over the weekend than anyone. It was great watching him win his 89th F1 Grand Prix. What meant more than anything is Ferrari is inching closer. 10 points seperate them from the Lead. Thanks to Raikkonen whose victory meant less points for Alonso. My heart goes down to Mark Webber,who retired because of no fault of his(Mechanical Failure). Looks like Massa and Schumacher have answered rave critics. Anyways its all in the Race(Game). Flavio Briatore is one person who will have to spend several sleepless nights till thier team recovers. Hungaroring is just a week away. I hope Schumi does it again. Massa is not any far. Massa is geared up and has already notched 3rd Position in Overall Standings, as of now. Come October we can see Ferrari 1-3 in drivers championship.


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