Hi, This post is for all the music enthusiasts who love to listen Trance/Progressive/Dance Music. I came accross toolbar through a newsletter from DJ River. One might ask what more can you get than a Google Toolbar?? This ones totally different you can listen to Music while Surfing without opening another window/application. Fidelity is superb, also you get a reminder when you recieve a mail on any one of these mail services
  • Hotmail
  • Yahoo
  • Gmail

Moreover Any third party POP Servers can be configured. Once you click on the appropriate Mail thats configured, it takes us the WebMail access which doesnt required you to enter you password again.

Likewise additional stations can be added. It comes with a built in popup blocker and has a placeholder for Weather Updates.

I was really excited when I came accross this one and felt worth sharing this info.It can be applied on both the popular Browsers(IE & Firefox)

You Can find the tool bar here:


Check it out and let me know if anyone is facing issues with this.:)


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